On the Infinitely Divisible of Meixner Distribution

Dodi Devianto, Jayanti Herli, Maiyastri Maiyastri, Rahma Diana Safitri


The log-returns of most financial data show a significant leptokurtosis. For the better fit we showed a special levy process which is called the Meixner process. The Meixner distribution belongs to the class of infinitely divisible distribution chracterized by using characteristic function and it was proposed as a model for represented efficiently of the log-returns of financial data. The perfect fit of underlying Meixner distribution performing by using goodness of fit test.


Dodi Devianto
ddevianto@yahoo.com (Primary Contact)
Jayanti Herli
Maiyastri Maiyastri
Rahma Diana Safitri
Devianto, D., Herli, J., Maiyastri, M., & Safitri, R. D. (2018). On the Infinitely Divisible of Meixner Distribution. Science and Technology Indonesia, 3(4), 147–150. https://doi.org/10.26554/sti.2018.3.4.147-150
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