Preparation, characterization, and thermal stability of B2O3-ZrO2

Theresia Debora Simbolon, Risfidian Mohadi


Synthesis of the borate-based compound with ZrOCl2 to form B2O3-ZrO2 has been conducted. The compound was characterized by FT-IR spectrophotometer, X-ray diffraction, acidity and thermal stability test. The results showed that the FT-IR main vibration spectrum of B2O3-ZrO2 compound has appeared at wave number 401.2 cm-1 for Zr-O bonding vibration, 617.2 cm-1 for B-O-B bonding vibration and 910.4 cm-1 for B-O bonding vibration. The XRD diffraction pattern shows B2O3-ZrO2 compound has an amorphous structure. The FT-IR spectrum after saturated with ammonia and potentiometric titration indicates that the compound of B2O3-ZrO2 has acidic properties with a strong level of acidity. Thermal stability test shows that the B2O3-ZrO2 compounds have high stability on temperature with increasing crystallinity after the compound was heated at 700 °C.

Keywords: B2O3-ZrO2, impregnation, thermal stability.  


Theresia Debora Simbolon (Primary Contact)
Risfidian Mohadi
Simbolon, T. D., & Mohadi, R. (2017). Preparation, characterization, and thermal stability of B2O3-ZrO2. Science and Technology Indonesia, 2(2), 56–58.
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