CO2 Thermal Conductivity Detection in Gas Mixture for Concentration Measurement Using Bridge Configuration of Thermopiles

Eko Satria, Melany Febrina, Mitra Djamal, Wahyu Srigutomo, Martin Liess


In this research, improvisation was carried out by modifying the market IR thermopile which functions as a thermal conductivity detector to measure the concentration of CO2 gas in the gas mixture. Four thermopiles are configured with a Wheatstone bridge with the aim of increasing the accuracy of the measurement system in detecting changes in CO2 concentration in the gas mixture (N2 and CO2). Using the bridge configuration of these four thermopiles, this measurement system can measure changes in CO2 concentration in small orders. The sensor developed is easy to manufacture, low cost, and has high linearity as evidenced by a correlation coefficient of 0.9943. From the experiments carried out, the sensor works quite accurately in detecting CO2 concentrations with the sensor’s sensitivity of -88.19 Volt/%, the detection range is 0% to 100%, and the RMS error value is 2.25.


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Eko Satria
Melany Febrina (Primary Contact)
Mitra Djamal
Wahyu Srigutomo
Martin Liess
Satria, E., Febrina, M., Djamal, M., Srigutomo, W. ., & Liess, M. (2022). CO2 Thermal Conductivity Detection in Gas Mixture for Concentration Measurement Using Bridge Configuration of Thermopiles. Science and Technology Indonesia, 7(4), 443–448.

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