Keggin type polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O as intercalant for hydrotalcite

Neza Rahayu Palapa, Muhammad Said


The synthesis of hydrotalcite and polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O with the ratio (2:1), (1:1), (1:2) and (1:3) has been done. The product of intercalation was characterized using FT-IR spectrophotometer, XRD, and TG-DTA. Polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O intercalated layered double hydroxide was optimised to use as adsorbent Congo red dye. Characterization using FT-IR was not showing the optimal insertion process. The result using XRD characterization was showed successful of polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O inserted layered double hydroxide with a ratio (1:1) which the basal spacing was expanded from 7,8 Ȧ to 9,81 Ȧ. Furthermore, the thermal analysis was performed using TG-DTA. The result show that the decomposition of polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O intercalated  hydrotalcite with ratio (1:1) was occured at 80oC to 400oC with a loss of OH in the layer at 150oC to 220oC, and then the decomposition of the compound polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O at 350oC to 420oC.

Keywords: Hydrotalcite, Layered Double Hydroxide, Polyoxometalate, Intercalation


Neza Rahayu Palapa (Primary Contact)
Muhammad Said
Palapa, N. R., & Said, M. (2017). Keggin type polyoxometalate H4[αSiW12O40].nH2O as intercalant for hydrotalcite. Science and Technology Indonesia, 1(1), 25–28.
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