Science and Technology Indonesia is the international journal in the field of science and technology aimed to provide the interdisciplinary publication for the dissemination of the current basic and advance knowledge in science and technology. Science and technology Indonesia publishes original research work both in a full-length article or in a short communication form, review article, and technical article in the field of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physics/Applied Physics, and Mathematics.

Field of Chemistry

Science and Technology Indonesia is peer-reviewed open access journal and covers the aspect of chemistry such as environmental chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and material chemistry. The topics are to develop the local chemistry aspects in Indonesia because various natural resources in Indonesia but these area is not only limited to Indonesia. Note that we no longer accept Chemical Engineering and Chemical Education papers. 

Field of Pharmacy

Indonesia is a tropical county and has various tropical resources which has traditional drugs candidate. Thus the research topic related with this field is specially to the exploration of natural product and its pharmaceutical aspect is focusing but not only limited to Indonesia.  

Field of Physics/Applied Physics

Tropical country such as Indonesia is located in the equatorial line thus has only two seasons i.e. hot and rainy seasons. Thus the research of disaster management related to physics, applied physics, and oceanography is covering into Science and Technology Indonesia.

Field of Mathematics

The aim of the journal on the field of mathematics is  to publish research papers with broad scope which includes all core topics in all of mathematical topics. The articles of Science and Technology Indonesia is peer-reviewed open access journal and covers the research on pure mathematics, probability and statistics, applied mathematics and its related topics on actuarial science and finance.

Topic related with biology  and environment was published by Indonesian Journal of Environmental Management and Sustainability, since January 2019,  which is sister of Science and Technology Indonesia 

Science and Technology Indonesia

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