Set Covering Model Using Greedy Heuristic Algorithm to Determine The Temporary Waste Disposal Sites in Palembang

Putra Bahtera Jaya Bangun, Sisca Octarina, Rizka Aniza, Laila Hanum, Fitri Maya Puspita, Siti Suzlin Supadi


Optimizing the facility location has a vital role in providing services to the community. This study aims to determine the Temporary Waste Disposal Site (TWDS) in Sako District, Palembang City. The distance data between each TWDS in Sako District is used to formulate the Set Covering model, consisting of the Set Covering Location Problem (SCLP) model and the p-Median Problem model. The classical approach is made by solving both models using Lingo 18.0 software. The Greedy Heuristic algorithm is used as the heuristic approach. Based on the results and discussion, Sako District consists of 4 Villages and 9 TWDS. The SCLP and p-Median Problem models with LINGO 18.0 software and the Greedy Heuristic algorithm show a difference. The study results suggest using the optimal solution resulting from the Greedy Heuristic algorithm because it can meet all requests in Sako District. Research shows that there are six optimal TWDS in Sako District. However, several locations are still not optimal, so it is recommended that there are an additional 14 new TWDS facilities in Sako District to serve all requests.


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Putra Bahtera Jaya Bangun
Sisca Octarina (Primary Contact)
Rizka Aniza
Laila Hanum
Fitri Maya Puspita
Siti Suzlin Supadi
Bahtera Jaya Bangun, P., Octarina, S., Aniza, R., Hanum, L., Puspita, F. M., & Supadi, S. S. (2022). Set Covering Model Using Greedy Heuristic Algorithm to Determine The Temporary Waste Disposal Sites in Palembang. Science and Technology Indonesia, 7(1), 98–105.

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