Modification of Mg/Al-LDH Intercalated Metal Oxide (Mg/Al-Ni) to Improve The Performance of Methyl Orange and Methyl Red Dyes Adsorption Process

Nova Yuliasari, Arini Fousty Badri, Alfan Wijaya, Patimah Mega Syah Bahar Nur Siregar, Amri, Mardiyanto, Risfidian Mohadi, Aldes Lesbani


Modification of Mg/Al-LDH intercalated metal oxide (Mg/Al-Ni) was successfully formed by the coprecipitation method at pH 10, which is indicated by the XRD diffraction, FTIR spectrum, and BET analysis. Mg/Al-LDH increased surface area after intercalated Ni from 8.621 m2/g to 9.821 m2/g and improved performance in process regeneration which can be used in the three cycles. Mg/Al-LDH after intercalated metal oxide (Ni) increases adsorption capacity of is 69.930 mg/g to 71.429 mg/g for methyl orange (MO) and 77.519 mg/g to 98.039 mg/g for methyl red (MR). Equilibrium time on the adsorption process occurred at 90 minutes with adsorption kinetics followed pseudo-second-order (PSO). Thermodynamic parameters indicate that the adsorption process is spontaneous and endothermic with the physical adsorption process.


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Nova Yuliasari
Arini Fousty Badri
Alfan Wijaya
Patimah Mega Syah Bahar Nur Siregar
Risfidian Mohadi
Aldes Lesbani (Primary Contact)
Yuliasari, N., Badri, A. F., Wijaya, A., Siregar, P. M. S. B. N. ., Amri, Mardiyanto, Mohadi, R., & Lesbani, A. (2022). Modification of Mg/Al-LDH Intercalated Metal Oxide (Mg/Al-Ni) to Improve The Performance of Methyl Orange and Methyl Red Dyes Adsorption Process. Science and Technology Indonesia, 7(3), 275–283.

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